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Dreaming Forward

The picture below is over 24 years ago but it is my favorite picture of my love and me. I’ll post pictures of us as we are now but I wanted this picture to be what I start this blog with.


Ken and Deb Nyberg – August 8, 1992

Wedding at Bergheim, Texas

I married Ken on my 40th birthday.  I joined two girls, one from my previous marriage who was 15 and one from Ken’s previous marriage who was 4 together at the same time the vows were said.  Then several years later, when I was 50, we adopted an infant baby.  You can say we’ve always been adventurous or risk takers, or both…or, just plain crazy.

We have had a very loving and interesting life with many ups and downs…kid problems, health problems, money problems…the whole gamut…but, hey…we’re still together and we’re still going strong.   A lot of life has happened for us over the years and we are looking forward to a very adventurous retirement.

I hope you enjoy our daily input here.  Please check the Site Map under this page as well as the category section of this blog as I plan to keep this blog as organized as possible.  Daily posts will be categorized.  New Pages will have drop down articles under the top pages.  We hope you visit often.  Welcome to our Dream, “Moving Right Along!

I am a retired business woman, wife, mother and grandma. I also own a Domain Name registration business called DomainerDeals.Com.  So my hopes are that all of you blog owners, website owners/rvers want to help support another rver, by transfering your domain and webhosting over to Domainerdeals, our bread and butter machine online.  

My husband, Ken, is a Maintenance Specialist for the Bastrop State Park, Bastrop, Texas until 6-30-2019 when he retires.

I am a person of many interests and I jump around from those interests, to developing new interests. I absolutely love facebook and am an avid scrabble player or Words with Friend’s player. And, yes, sometimes I cheat…makes for an interesting play on words when I do that. I taught myself how to play guitar at the age of 15 and love to sing loudly while playing my guitar. I love the internet because it keeps my mind fresh and gives me plenty of things to argue about with politics, religion and guns….more about that later.

So, I guess it is time to tell you why I am really starting this blog.  Ken and I are making plans to begin seeing America the Beautiful via the RV.  Yep, that will make us a RVing family, which includes our dogs, Squirt (chi-female) and Harry (yorkie-male).

I begin here in a very simple mode online to talk mainly to myself as I start the planning process for what is to come.  I found 30 Insanely Easy Ways To Plan a Road Trip so thought I’d share it here.  Each post will be based on whatever was important in that particular time.  Hopefully I won’t give up and someday, when I can go no more, Ken can use it to refresh my faded memory similar to the movie “The Notebook.”  I hope you follow this blog and enjoy what I have to say on it. If not, it was nice of you to stop and read this much.



2 Responses to Dreaming Forward

  1. Malia Lane

    Deb, I’ve enjoyed your posts on Facebook and look forward to hearing more from your blog posts! And we’ve just gotta meet up in Texas somewhere – we have waaay too much in common not to! 🙂

  2. Candice Totten


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